can't add second voice - tried everything

• Apr 17, 2019 - 18:12

converts second voice to first voice - no matter when I press second voice or when I press N or if I restart.


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it is a super simple score - just a drumset with hi-hat in quarter notes - I just want to add another couple of voices - cowbell etc... So if I click on the first quarter then N - then second voice - the cursor changes slightly to a turquoise - then when I enter a note on the keyboard it reverts back to first voice and changes what I had entered and reverts to first voice. If I don't press N and press second voice I get a whole bunch of rests - which if I click on without N enable will change the note to what I want but not in the duration I want - otherwise it changes back to first voice.
I have read that this problem has existed for a long time.

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I think the real issue is that there is another method for inputting notes - for drumset. The voices are fixed according to some criteria (I think its based on feet and hands or something like this). So certain instruments are fixed according to voice - voice one is hands - voice two feet - or something like this. Anyway the simple thing of having a hi-hat and a cowbell on different voices - is needlessly complex.

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Yes, MsueScore follows the standard convetion by default of upstem for hands, down sfor feet. if you wish to use a different convention, simply edit the drumset using the Edit Drumset button. Or, if you wish to place a single note in a different voice than its default (eg, you want cowbell in voice 1 mostly, but voice just in one specific measure), just click the voice button after clicking the cowbell icon but before clicking in the score. It's actually quite elegant and efficient.

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Being frustrated is not fun. So please try again fresh tomorrow.

As you can see, there are a lot of people here who want you to learn to enjoy the program. None of the people who have responded to this thread have a different relationship than you to MuseScore. We just like helping others.

MuseScore is a complex program and has a learning curve. None of us learned everything about this program in 2 hours. It's not Finale or Sibelius so you should expect to find things that are different in all three of the programs.

I'm no expert in drum notation in MuseScore or drum notation at all. I have read the handbook concerning drum notation and can get around a percussion staff, add a drum to as staff and write some drum music. Learning by reading comes easy to me, but I understand people are different.

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There is a good reason drums work differently, because their notation is very different. The scheme we use for pitched notes gives a lot of flexibility but would require a lot of extra work for drums, constantly having to select voices when MuseScore knows perfectly well each note has its own specific voice. So if you want to follow a different set of voice rules than the default, simply edit the drumset. Once you do that, you'll find you don't need to even touch the voice buttons entering drum notes.

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Thanks!! This worked like a charm for me. I was trying to add a second voice in the middle of the measure. But the second voice should be entered at the beginning of the measure; pressing CTRL+ALT+1 after having pressed N does exactly that, then you press voice two and voila'. One can then delete the unwanted notes and the rests too.

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