Change order of verses without rewriting

• Apr 18, 2019 - 03:18

I am building a score of five verses, and
I would like to change the order of the verses in the score.
I think there is an easy way in Musescore 3.0


There is an easy way. In the inspector is a field that says which verse you are looking at. Right click a lyric, choose select>more... then chose the options to select the lyrics in that verse. In the lyric field in the inspector, change the first number to an unused verse. You can then change another verse to that number and move them all around until the verses are where you want them.

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Thanks, that worked well.
I am trying to get the score on a single page now.
There is what looks like enough space (almost) at
the bottom of the first page for what is on 2nd page.
Topics like (all) lyrics sizes, lyrics line spacing, space
above lyrics, space below lyrics might help.
I don't know how to do such on Musescore 3.0.
I think I did the staff and system distances OK.
Need some suggestions.

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I opened it in 3.0.5 also and the layout was a little different (actually better) and still one page. You score says it was saved in version 3.0.2. Upgrading to 3.0.5 is a good idea, it's much better than 3.0.2.

If you want to try 3.1-beta, you can download it and make sure it is in a different folder than 3.0.5. It will share all resources with version 3.0.5 including soundfonts, shortcuts and workspaces. It will also be the version that opens when you double click a .mscz file. The only time I switch to 3.0.5 is in cases like this to see issues that existed in 3.0.5 that I can't duplicate in 3.1.

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It seems you need to apply the change either - by verse or by odd & even lyrics lines as in the styles dialog. So you may need to do it by verse so later lyrics will follow the change or right click a lyric and choose Select>All similar items to make the change to existing lyrics.

IMHO, I found a bug. I selected a lyric in verse 1 and a lyric in verse 2, changed the font size, clicked the S and only the first verse lyrics I selected updated to follow the change.

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Well, it's two different styles involved, there really isn't a way to et them both at once.

I kind of wish we didn't have two different styles for odd and even all the time, but instead a single style that applied to both by default, with the alternating styles only if you ask for it. Like, maybe a checkbox in Format / Style / Lyrics "Use odd/even styles". Kind of like how page format has a checkbox to enable odd/even margins.

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I'm of two minds on this issue. When you select two items that are different, then setting the default style should not be an option, since MuseScore won't set both at once and with the exception of odd and even lyrics, it would rarely make sense. In the case of Odd/Even lyrics, the items in the inspector are things you would often expect to be the same for both. Changing both at once makes a lot of sense.

If selecting two different items show the items in common and allows you to change one (or more) of those items, then clicking the S should change both types styles. I guess there are cases where someone would want two text styles to have items in common, especially for user-defined styles.

I think allowing the user to do what he wants is always best. he undo button and reset to default style buttons work of they don't like the results.

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