Allow a less invasive and dockable mixer interface

• Apr 20, 2019 - 02:44

When one needs to listen to individual parts or groups, one must resort to the mixer, but in its current presentation it is too large and hence invasive. The channel strips seem about twice as wide as they could be without compromising legibility. The faders could also be shorter and the solo / mute and pan controls could be smaller. The full name of parts could be replaced with the abbreviated version. With these changes the window could be reduced sufficiently to be docked at the bottom of the inspector (as is possible with the play panel) which would make easier the pocess of muting or soloing one or more parts. Probably it would make sense to redesign a minimalist --but functional-- version to be used when docking. After all, it is not the aesthetics of an audio workstation that is required here but only its functionality.
The workaround is to drag the mixer window down to the status bar area and keep it partially hidden below the screen area until one needs to make a change.


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