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• May 2, 2019 - 06:56

For an attractive printed score, I used to be able to tweak certain parameters and make the music look neater and better placed on the page. I am using v. 3.0.5 under Windows 10 and cannot discover a way to do that. I have a score with 8 staves in each system. I only get 1 system per page, but the problem is that it fills up only about 2/3 of the page. Another problem is that most pages have either 3 or 4 bars per page (a few pages have 5 bars), but 2 of the pages have only 1 bar (I think they are p. 8 and p.18). This is unsightly, and I have been unable to discover a way to avoid it. Please help me. My score is attached.

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  1. If you want the systems to fill the entire pages, you need to increase the staff distance. Like to 12,5sp (from the default of 6.5sp)
  2. There's a system break on page 8 and 18. And with the current spacing setting of 1,764mm (and the current stretch) those measures won't fit into the previous system/page. Changing the spacing to 1,664mm and everything fits.

Check the attached

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And to be clear: nothing has changed in this respect from MuseScore 2 to 3. Well, just that MuseScore now adds space between staves or systems automatically to avoid collisions. And there is also a new "fixed" staff spacer to allow you to force staves or systems closer together than your defaults, or even to allow collisions.
But aside from those new conveniences, all the same settings for staff and system exist, the same use of breaks, etc.

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