Error in Right click-> Stave/Part Properties and Right click-> Bar Properties

• May 10, 2019 - 14:38

I have just noticed a glitch in the Right click-> Stave/Part Properties function. When one makes a change, then clicks "apply" , and doesn't like the change that has been made, one clicks "cancel" to reverse the change. However, clicking "cancel" doesn't actually cancel (or reverse) the change one just made, and one is sent back to the score (i.e., the pop-up window closes). One has to use the back-arrow in the score to reverse the change. I then checked Right click-> Bar Properties and the same glitch is there too.

The cancel function used to reverse a change, without one having to go back to the score and use the back-arrow there. It's a bit dangerous, because unless one is looking at the score when hitting "cancel" and notices that it does not revert to the pre-change status, one would think the unwanted change had been cancelled (reversed) when it hadn't.

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