Changing tuning in the middle of the tabulature

• May 17, 2019 - 21:43

Hello guys,

in a song I'm transcribing at the moment, I have to change the tuning of the strings through a capo in the middle of a song. Is there any way to change the tuning for certain measures in the tabulature? Ideally, not only transposing the strings for certain sections because in this certain song the capo is used for the first 12 measures, but only for strings 1 to 4 (in this case with alternate tuning F-Bb-F-Db to Bb-Eb-Bb-Gb).

Thanks for your responses


I think this isn't supported.
A workaround would be to add a second instrument having the tuning set to your capo, the make smart use of "hide empty staves" to have either one of the instruments show at the appropriate time.

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