Scores are in disarray after updating to MuseScore 3

• May 21, 2019 - 17:28


I have updated to MuseScore 3 three times but immediately revert back to MS 2 because in MS 3 my old scores get rearranged. I deleted all samples of such disarray, including this morning's. I have never had this problem with updating to earlier versions in the past so what am I doing incorrectly with MS3?

Thank you.


Score written with MuseScore 2 (or 1 for that matter) will certainly look different in MuseScore 3, some a lot, some more, some less, some not at all. Same was the case back when MuseScore 2 came out, with MuseSore 1 scores.
And most probably the same will be the case with MuseScore 3 scores on MuseScore 4 (if and when that happens).
Yes, to get a MuseScore 2 score look like you want it to look in MuseScore 3 can take some effort.

That's why MuseScore 3 does not replace MuseScore 2, but installes next to it, so you can still use them both.

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Thank you, JoJo, for your reply, especially explaining that MuseScore 3 was not meant to replace Musescore 2.

Since I have so many scores, I would like to keep using MuseScore 2 for my old scores. Do you know for how long MuseScore 2 will remain available so they will keep their current format?

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It'll be available as long as your computer lives and you don't remove it from there. And also at least as long as is alive and OSUOSL keeps sponsoring the diskspace and keeping the archive, I know of no plans to stop doing this.
Also as long as there still exists an operating system that supports it, but again I don't see running out of those in the forseeable furure.

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Meanwhile, though, I would encourage you to attach a score you are having trouble with. The tremendous improvements in the default layout do mean that manual adjustments you had applied to workaround limitations in MsueScore may not make sense any more, but once you understand what to look out for, it's usually quite simple to update your score to look (and, as of 3.1, sound) better than the ever - and there are people here happy to help!

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Thank you, Marc, and all of you for being so helpful and instructive. I am a late comer to music theory and learning to play an instrument, and have learned a great deal from utilizing MuseScore and from the subsequent assistance received.

I understand now that I can keep both MuseScore 2 and MuseScore 3 on my computer and have learned a way to indicate which score(s) I want to open in MS 2 and which ones in MS3. When I next work on a new score, I will reinstall MuseScore 3, create the new score using it, and, with the kind reassurance expressed above, ask for any needed assistance.

With sincere gratitude,

@Megan R...

You wrote:
I deleted all samples of such disarray...

I agree with Marc and would also like to see one (or more) of your MuseScore 2 scores which are getting re-arranged.
Please attach, as the 'disarray' might not be so bad as it appears.


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