Version 3 almost trashed all my version 2 scores

• May 23, 2019 - 21:21

Software compatible issue is real something worth of concerning: Version 3 almost trashed all my version 2 scores. In order to keep them working I will have to keep old version 2 installed. Then 20 years later, I would have 5 different versions installed, and when Windows 20 coming out, no one knows which version is going to be working on new system.

What we are doing today is going to be working tomorrow?

Don't cry.

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Where did your scores go? I think they're still where they are.
I'm backing up the scores folder even when I haven't changed the version.
I simply zip and write the date to the end of the file name.

Leave the version 2's scores at "~/ Musescore 2/Scores".

if you want to work with the same scores in version 3, simply copy the contents of version 2's scores folder and paste it into "~/Musescore 3/Scores".

My V2 (Portable; Located on drive D:)

My V3 (Normal Install)

To be clear: MuseScore 3 does not in any way whatsoever removes, deletes, moves, or hides any of your MuseScore 2 scores. It simply keeps its own scores by default in a different folder. You are welcome to move your MuseScore 2 files to your MuseScore 3 folder, or just use MuseScore 3 to access the files in your MuseScore 2 folder, or create your own combined folder and copy your scores into there, or as you say, keep both versions around if that pleases you. Again, MuseScore in no way touches your files. Any files you create remain exactly where you put them until you move or delete them.

So far 3 major MuseScore versions with this compatibility problem. And yes, MuseScore 4, if and when that happens, would probably have the same issue. Still (the latest versions of) MuseScore 1, 2 and 3 run on all supported Operating system and peacefully coexist. If you don't want to have them installed you can, at least for Windows, grep the PortableApp for MuseScore 1.3 and 2.3.2, for those odd cases you need to do some minor fixes to MuseScore 1 or MuseScore 2 scores. For major changes import them into whatever the latest version is at the time and fix the layout issues.

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I put MS version number to mscz files since MS1.X. and folder by folder stored in 2 NAS locally like.

Vitali - Chaconne - violin and piano V2.mscz
Vitali - Chaconne - violin and piano V3.mscz

And compress each single file mscz as RAR format in the same directory.

If anything wrong, I still work with older MS and MSCZ files, no matter pc / mac / linux.

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I could see some space saving if you put all of your mscz files into one RAR. Most utilities allow you to add additional files to the archive and individually extract them. In any case, it does make it more difficult to accidentally overwrite the existing files.

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