Question about the pitch of notes in choir synth.

• May 27, 2019 - 19:38

2.1 is the beastie I am working in. In the bass clef, I discovered that the G on the bottom line and the G on the top space have the same pitch and the E on the space between them is pitched lower than the G on the bottom line. It sounds about like the A below that G. What is this choir up to? Beth


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I don't think I am being fooled by overtones-- I can barely hear them, just the clear, wrong pitches here. I guess this instrument just does not play well in my program. Yes, switching with another instrument works fine, but it was this instrument I wanted for this piece. It plays OK for you, then?

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OK, I know zero about a soundfont. What is it , where is it, is it likely that it would affect only one instrument (not that i have played them all, but the 5 other instruments I have played have all played fine), how do I find it (or check it, if it needs checking) and what bugs will I likely run into if I change it for only one instrument (if that is even possible)?

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Use one of the soundfonts found in… under the list of GM SoundFonts and you should have no problems with the sounds. Read up on the synthesizer (this is actually just before the list of GM soundfonts) for info on using a different soundfont. When you download a sound font put it in the path found in you preferences (Edit->Preferences in the general tab).

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I think what you are perceiving to be to wrong pitches are the overtones. There's no way you could know which are which, but if it's not the pitch you expect, it's got to be the overtone.

Yes, when I play it soudsd fine, the overtones are pretty strong, but I can still perceive the correct pitch.

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I am exploring the logistics of getting the exe. file for 2.3, now that my computer did not explode from 2.1. No way do I want 3.0. Sounds like it has more problems than I want to deal with (which is zero). Maybe I should quit saying what version I have. It sounds like it is a cue word to signal someone to yell "Release the hounds!" Sheesh, two of you practically in one letter! ; 0

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