• May 28, 2019 - 22:23

Just downloaded and installed a new update. Now when I upload a score to musescore all of the percussion parts are like pianos. They sound okay when I play them as musescore files in the program but not on the website.

Anyone know what to do about this?


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Thanks for your response. My files are uploaded as MSCZ. I'm not sure what MDL is. This wasn't a problem until yesterday.

My original work is in Finale. I have to export that to create a MXL file. I load the MXL file into Musescore 3. Then I adjust volumes and save as an MSCZ which i use for uploading.

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Does the same if downloaded from there. Can you directly attach it here, so we get it unaltered?
If I take that and change the Drum Set from "Snare%g Cross Stick" (?!?) to Drum Set (!), it sounds right.
If I save that one online, it does sound correct. So the question is where that strange drum set came from.
I don't believe (anymore) the lack if 3.1 being the backend on musescoe.com to be the culprit. More likely some strange drum setup or some non-default soundfont

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May 30, 14:46 CEST Hi sing4mi@att.net,
Thank you for reaching out to us.
May we ask you to repost your message in our forum at https://musescore.org/forum
This way the MuseScore contributor community can read your message and help you out.
Looking forward to see you in our forums!


I've already posted it. No one so far knows what to do.

I have learned something new. When I open an MXL score in Musescore, precussion parts sound like a piano until I switch to "standard 1." This has always been so.

At this point I could save and upload to the Musescore website and everything sounds as it should.

Now, when I save a Musescore 3 file, percussion parts revert back to "standard." Until now I was able to save percussion parts as "standard 1."

The problem is I am unable to save Musescore 3 files with percussion set on "Standard 1."

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Okay, this is the third time of answered this question but those posts seemed to be disappearing. I have attached the score twice and both times it appears to have disappeared.

I am using Make Music, Garritan and Smart Music fonts. I've tried a lot of different combinations and I've tried them all. I'm not getting any real answer from the helpdesk. So here goes again.

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