How to email a Score

• May 31, 2019 - 17:03

When I go to my e-mail and compose a new email, ( to send my score Via- Email )
then select attachments,
then Documents,
then Musescore3,
then Scores,
then choose the light blue mn with the MSCZ file
and send,
So after I recieve it in my E-Mail I open the email up,
I download the attachment and then,
It gives me a window that says: Load Error cannot read!
It won't open the attachment.

1- Do I have to convert the MSCZ file to a PDF? ( How do I do that )
2- How do I share my Score ?


You don't need to change it to a PDF. If your server doesn't like .mscz files, then change the .mscz to .zip and tell the person who receives the file to change it back to .mscz. The file is actually a zip file that has been renamed so MuseScore will know it contains a score.

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