musescore 3 update keeps crashing

• Jun 3, 2019 - 12:58


I have just loaded muse score 3 update it won't open on second attempt to open it shows message previous closed unexpectedly do you want to continue on clicking yes it immediately closes

15 Nov 2019
After earlier crashes today - upgraded to latest version of MS3. I'm using Win10 Home (version 1903, system build 18362.476). No problems on any other applications e.g. Web, email, Office.
Loaded my MuseScore3 arrangement OK. Playback worked OK. About to edit my score and it crashed.
Attempted to upload System Report but received error message - unable to load error report.
I re-booted my PC and opened MuseScore again - and left it alone. It crashed again.
Any ideas?

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Thanks Jojo.
I deleted the Flute part and saved it. But the Flute part remained in my score - strange?.
Next step ... File > Parts/add it back. In the top half of the dialog box, the Flute Part is gone . The lower half of dialog box, 'instruments in the score' are 'greyed' out and not accessible ()incl Flute.
So, I clicked on the Generate button and that duplicated all the parts (doubled up) but it added in the Flute.
I suspect I'm doing something wrong?
My other score (attached) last week was also crashing. Would you mind checking this to verify there are no corruptions? Is that something I can do myself?
Thanks again

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What's strange about that?
Hit the New button, change the name "Part" to Flute", select Flute in the bottom selection and hit +, then move it up in the upper list
Thie other score a) doesn't report corruptions on load so no corruption in score and b) doesn't crash on save, so doesn't seem to be corrupt in its parts

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Strange? Because I thought it would delete it from my Score. I gather that Score/Flute is different to Part/Flute - it's Part/Flute that was deleted?
I'm new to MuseScore and t's been a fairly steep learning curve over just a few weeks!

Thanks for checking my other Score - re-assuring to know it's ok.
... Paul

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