Start center is black

• Jun 4, 2019 - 03:33

When attempting to open the start center, either from the menu or pressing F4, all that ppeasr is a black window like this:


I'm on Windows 7 and MS 3.1


I'm seeing the same issue here after updating to 3.2.3 d2d863f (AppImage) on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (up-to-date install). Was fine on previous MuseScore version (3.2.2), so it's obviously not exclusively a Windows issue.

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I can confirm. I have same issue again on my Linux Mint 19.1 64-bit.
But it is clearly not MuseScore's fault - latest MS was fine just before the update that came yesterday. It is probably caused by GTK3 update.
In attachment is an update log from yesterday.

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With all due respect, you can't really confirm my report if you're using a different distribution/version of Linux because you're not running the same OS (I know Mint shares the Ubuntu codebase, but nonetheless there are significant differences between the two distributions). To be fair, you can only say for sure that you're seeing a similar issue on a different Linux distribution.

I have absolutely no interest in ascribing blame anywhere by the way - I simply reported the issue for the information of the developers and, by extension, for the benefit of the MuseScore community.

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...and now it's broken again - Oct 2019 (MuseScore AppImage 3.2.3 rev. d2d863f on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS) . Again the Start Centre is black. I tried resetting the prefs but to no effect. Also, if I choose a different background, apply and OK, on the next restart it's forgotten - not good!

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It's not that no one cares, but no one else seems to be able to reproduce the problem - seems very specific to a particular system configuration on one else has. In general, AppImages do work fine, but you never know when some conflict or other will get in the way, whether using an AppImage or other version.

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Yes, sorry for being a bit grouchy in my last post. I'd just become rather fed up not knowing whether or not MuseScore was going to behave correctly in Ubuntu whenever I opened it. AFAIK, there's nothing funky about my install but anyway, now that there is a snap package version of MuseScore 3 which seems fine, I'll just use that instead.

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