System text is placed between upper staff and staff text

• Jun 9, 2019 - 23:48
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1) Create a score with more than one staff so that a true system is present and input some notes in the first staff.
2) Select a note and insert a system text.
3) Now select the same note and insert a staff text.

Result: The staff text is placed above the system text.
Expected: The staff text should be closer to the staff it belongs to since a system includes staves. The order obtained is misleading.

Workaround: If the staff text is introduced earlier than the system text, the order is correct.
See the attached score presenting both cases.

EDIT: This workaround does not work if other notes have staff texts attached, since only the first one gets the staff text in the right order. Another workaround: disable automatic placement for the system text and relocate it manually. It may be risky.

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Currently, system and staff text are indeed laid out simultaneously, so first one added wins. Sounds like the desired behavior is to do all staff texts for a segment first, then the system texts (so they are above on all staves).

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I'm afraid it is not so simple, as my last remark shows: I entered several staff texts, one for each note in a row (basically, a number), and after all of them, I entered a system text attached to the first note but extending over several notes. The result is that the first staff text is in the right order (between the staff and the system text), but the following staff texts are relocated above the system text, as if the rule were that for a given note the first text to be input wins, but for the next notes, if there is conflict, prevails the precedence of the previous note regardless of the creation order.
This seems to make sense when applied to the same kind of text (staff or system), but as you say, relocation should start with all staff texts, (and start over in case of any edit) and only when done go ahead with system texts.

That's because everything is processed in staff order. So on the top staff, the first added text gets laid out, then the system text, and then anything on any other staff. So like I said, it sounds like you'd want the system text to be delayed until all staff texts at that point in time,