How do I use slurs without doing a tie?

• Jun 11, 2019 - 03:46

Please help me it is very late and i have finals coming up


To add a slur between two consecutive notes, select the first and press s. If there are more than two notes, click the first, ctrl+click the last and press s. The notes can be in different voices.

Slurs and ties have nothing to do with each other, aside from looking kind of similar on paper. Slurs are added from the Lines palette or the shortcut "S", ties are added from the note input toolbar or the shortcut "+". Whether a note has a slur has no effect on whether it also has a tie, and vice versa.

forgot how to do this... knew how under the older version I think.....
How do I place the phrasing marks in the score?.... The line over the top that indicates to the player to phrase these notes together.... in one statement of melody...
I thank you in advance.... just can't remember...
jeff gouge
In Springfield MO

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