Search box wanted in patch selection dialog (mixer panel)

• Jun 13, 2019 - 10:11

Great to have the full list of patches displayed when opening the patch selection dialog in the mixer panel.

But the list is very long, and it can be difficult to spot the right patch.

What would help a lot is to have a text entry box that will allow to do a full text search (case indifferent) on the available patches. Thus "choir" would trim the list down to "Choir Aahs" and Choir Aahs Expr.", "SYN" would show "Synth Bass 1" and "Syn. Strings 1 Expr." among others, and "bass" would show "Acoustic Bass" and "Basses Slow Expr.", among others.

No need to go overboard here and allow regular expressions.

Probably easier to implement, but still useful, would be to make the list alphabetic.


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