Convert existing notes to triplet?

• Jun 14, 2019 - 22:58

I'm wondering if there is a way to convert three existing notes in a beat (e.g. two sixteenth notes and one eighth note) to a triplet of the appropriate identical-length notes (e.g. triplet of three eighth notes)?

I can change the first sixteenth note to a quarter, at which point the other two go away, then ctrl-3 to re-add the notes back into the triplet. However, besides having to add the notes back in, several verses of lyrics also disappear, so I'm hoping to find a way to convert instead.

Possible in 3.1?

Thanks, nice work on the 3.x series, big step forward, especially 3.1, IMO.


For converting existing notes on the staff to triplets, it would seem easiest to select the duration for the total period (quaver), then select the 3 notes (blue box around them). Finally 'Cont + 3'. The 3 notes would then be converted to triplets for a duration of a quarter note.

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Interesting idea. As long as the user doesn't do an impossible tuplet, MuseScore should be able to handle this. ctrl+3 is the wrong key combination since this currently means turn each note/rest into a triplet (I personally use this feature), but another unused combination could work. Also the duration would need to be somehow modified either by using a key combination or placing the duration after the command to make a tuplet.

I guess if the user asks for something impossible, like turning 4 16th notes into a triplet, it would simply put up an error dialog.

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