SoundFont Modulation/Vibrato PROBLEM!!!!!

• Jun 19, 2019 - 00:27

I was making an arrangement of Chopin's Nocturne No. 20 in C-Sharp Minor, and I was adjusting the Dynamics and all, but unexpectly, the Built-in SoundFont started to act very weird, And why you ask? Well, it started out producing too much Modulation/Vibrato, when it's NOT Supposed to do that!!! This must be a serious bug that I have!!!!!

I have attached an .ogg file on what the vibrato issue sounds like, and attached an .mscz file to see if you guys have the same problem.


I'm not aware what the problem is...could you be more specific about when the problem occurs? Was it working as you wanted it to when you were first writing the score, and have you been writing on the same version of musescore? (there have been updates to the soundfonts)

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I don't think you accidentally turned on modulation/vibrato. Rather I think that musescore's synth got updates in recent version (I don't know the exact version history).

Anyway, if you open the mixer (F10), click on the Violin strip in the mixer, then click the "Patch:" combobox and change it from "Violin Expr." into "Violin Fast", then there won't be as much vibrato. Try that.

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I don't think there is any such setting for the soundfont within MsueScore (if you were editing it in another program, that's another story). But there are certainly effects settings for the synthesizer as a whole - see View / Synthesizer / Master Effects. I guess it's possible you accidentally changed something there?

Anyhow, I hear the bad effect in your OGG file but it plays fine for me, so it definitely seems to be something in your settings on your system, not a general problem with the soundfont.

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Which means you don't have a problem with that SoundFont Vibrato issue, so it must be the Built-in SoundFont that's causing all this. BUT WHAT MADE IT PRODUCE VIBRATO TOO MUCH?!!!
Listen here, I know that all the instruments are using vibrato in every soundfont I have, and that's NOT supposed to happen!!!!!

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