How To Insert An Independant Tablature Line In A Lead Sheet?

• Jun 23, 2019 - 13:49

I want to insert an independant tablature line on which I'm be able to write Riffs etc.

What I mean "independant" is that I want Tablature Line won't be linked to the Staff Lines with "Grand Staff Tie".

Is it possible, how?


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Tied together in what way? I don't understand. They aren't linked - I can add notes to the top staff and they don't appear in the bottom. If you mean you want to hide the system barline, you can do that from Format / Style / Barline. Although I wouldn't recommend it as it won't be at all clear to the person reading the score that the measures are intended to be played simultaneously.

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Sometimes on Lead Sheets there are Chord Box section which include chord shapes used in the song.

Likewise I put "Figure, Riff, Lick, Theme" section which include licks. I'll reference them with Chord Symbols like Figure 1, Figure 2 etc on the staff.
and show them at the end of the sheet with a Tablature Line. :) (or any place on the sheet)

So, is it possible that Tablature Line is independent to the staff line?

I delete a repeat barline on the tablature line then It is also deleted on the staff line so they dependent each other. (which is bothering for my case. :) )

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Oh, so they are not meant to be played at the same time as the measures above? In that case it definitely should not be written that way. Instead, go ahead and add the staff, but put the notes on that staff only after the end of the song. Then turn on "Format / Style / Hide empty staves" (and turn off "Don't hide empty staves in first system"), so only the staff that has notes will display.

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"System" refers to the usual musical meaning of this: a single line of music, encompassing all the staves that are playing at once. Your example score has one page with two systems, system having two staves (one standard, one tablature). The first system inexplicably has a spacer adding a bunch of extra space between the staves, obscuring the fact that the staves do in fact belong to the same system.

If the tablature is already defined as an instrument, add it like any other instrument. To find the instrument with the name you want, start typing it in the search box near the bottom left of the instruments dialog you get when you press i. If it's a tablature, the name will tell you. If want a tablature for something like a 12 string guitar that does not have a tablature listed, then you will need to select the instrument and change the Staff type (on the right side) to the closest tablature type that exists and edit it as necessary after it's added to your score.

AFAIK there is no special function to insert some measures that are "outside" of the usual score (like you can do with e.g. text) and don't get played back.
[EDIT: Started typing a long time ago & missed the other comments in the meantime. Now I am not sure whether you even want what I described below. If you simply want another staff/instrument in the system that is just tabs, throughout the entire piece, then nevermind. Just do what the others said and insert e.g. "Electric Guitar (Tablature)" as a new instrument. ;) ]

Possible workarounds:
(A) Insert an image of the tabs into a frame.
(B) Use the ability to hide staffs (see attachment): Add a new instrument for tablature. Write the tabs into new, completely empty measures at the beginning or end of the score, and separate them from the actual score with a system/section break. Under Format > Style > Score, check Hide empty staffs within systems and uncheck Don't hide empty staffs in first system.
For measure numbering to work correctly, you'll have to check "Exclude from measure count" for each extra "riff measure". See my attachment, and if it works for you, I can explain my tweaks in more detail.

A is straightforward, but doesn't support playback, may cause bad resolution/file size, and changing the tabs after the fact is tedious (Make another image & replace the old one).
B lets you edit & play back the tabs. OTOH, it is finnicky to format, breaks parts (not an issue if you just want a lead sheet), and playback now includes extra measures (can be made silent).

A completely different interpretation of what you said: bis_hideStaffs.mscz
Closer to what you mean?
Am I right that you want the notes written in the first line to happen in completely different bars than the guitar tabs in the second line, and not at the same time?
For that, you'd want a new system (containing the piano staff, the guitar tab staff, or both playing simultaneously), not just another staff. I've put the text that describes the order of the parts into text frames, which automatically seperate systems from another.
Since your score didn't actually contain any notes, it wasn't clear if parts should stay empty, should play at the same time, or should get deleted. So I just put in some random junk to illustrate what you could do with it.

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