Marker Types and names of Coda & ToCoda get messed up

• Jun 26, 2019 - 12:18
Reported version
S3 - Major
PR created

1) rename the default tocoda name to tocoda or tocoda1, and rename the default coda name to coda or coda1 and use these names in the D.S. al Coda
2) save and close the file
3) reopen the file

The marker types have now changed: tocoda type has become custom and coda has become tocoda!
When changing the marker type back to the original ones, the names at first appear to stay the same, but when going to the D.S. al Coda (to check the name use) and then back to the coda and tocoda, the names have changed into their defaults again, making the file play incorrectly. Note that if the changed marker types are left alone, then the file does play back OK. It seems (to me anyway) that the marker types are mixed up (type coda is assigned to a tocoda and vice versa) and some auto-correct feature tries to fix this.

There is no workaround. It happens 100% of the time.

P.S. The behaviour was erratic in the previous version also: marker types stayed the same but marker names were sometimes corrupted. With the latest update to the marker types change too.

P.P.S. Suggestion: change the default names 'coda' and 'codab' to 'tocoda' and 'coda' with an added numeral when there is more than one. (coda1, coda2 etc...).

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I see a need to assure that the labels do not change on the user, so that's a problem that needs fixed. Changing the names of the labels permanently (like changing coda to tocoda) for 3.x is a problem waiting to happen. If someone edits an existing 3.x score by deleting the to coda for example and entering it in a new place, the labels will be changed and playback will fail. I'm not opposed to changing the labels for the future 4.0 whenever that happens, just not in the middle of the 3.x release cycle.

I don't totally understand the code snippets, but the PR doesn't seem to assure the label stays the same when the Marker Type is changed in the inspector, which should happen to make it easier for the user to change from to Coda to a coda symbol which is quite common.

I've seen those random changes too at times, but never rported nor found a reproducable method.
My PR doesn't attempt to fix that, instead it just tries to give names to them that actually make sense rather than adding to the confusion that Jumps are causing already.
Yes, there is a compatibility problem with that change, no good idea how to solve though.