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• Jul 4, 2019 - 12:37

Is there a way in which I can write text completely freely. That is, in any place, in any font, in bold if I like. And what about writing text vertically downwards?


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Just reassure me; then I can go to it.
I want to write one line such as 2H.18 in the top right of the page
I want to write one line such as Dec-19 3 of 4 in the bottom right of the page
I want to write the word Salvocalee vertically down the left margin of the page.
These places have nothing to do with any systems of music on the page.

If I can do all these with horizontal and vertical frames then just say yes and I'll figure it out!

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Top right = header , bottom right = footer (Format / Style / Header, Footer).

Not sure what the Salvocalee represents, but I can't think of any standard musical notation that would be rendered that way, it sounds like the sort of thing that might be added later in preparation of a textbook or some such - might be best to export your score to PDF then import it into a program designed for that sort of page layout.

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Sorry to have troubled you all on this. I've persuaded my colleague who co-ordinates score production that such things as vertical phrases like the choir name, top right headers ,and bottom right footers are his pigeon not mine. So all is well.
I'm attaching a demo of the text styles I'm proposing for a piece which demands the four styles mentioned here. These four seem adequate for our needs in this piece.
Thanks to all.

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