Can't reposition notes in MS3

• Jul 6, 2019 - 23:05

When notating voices across staves, clashing note heads have to be manually repositioned. This was no problem in MS2, just select the note head element and move it, the stem and beam follow. This does NOT work in MS3. The note head moves, the stem and beam does not follow. The stem can be moved individually in a second step, but the beam simply can't be moved to the right place. Using the inspector on the beam does nothing.


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Thanks, that works.

The problem is the keyboard shortcuts changed, selecting elements does not work the same way in v3 as it did in v2. In fact MS3 broke almost all of my keyboard shortcuts and many of them can't be reinstated because menu shortcuts have changed in MS3. I'm finding an awful lot of weird behaviours and what appear to be bugs that weren't in v2.

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That is simply not true. Several menus were restructured. When a menu item is in a different place, the keyboard shortcut doesn't work any more. When a new menu item gets a new shortcut, it conflicts with a shortcut that used to work, and now the old shortcut simply can't be defined because of the conflict. Almost all my keyboard shortcuts defined in v2 were broken and I had to redefine them in v3, and many I had to change because of these new menu shortcuts which can't be overwritten in v3.

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There were indeed no changes here, I just checked. Could you be more specific about the problem you are seeing Nothing about selecting has changed except the new accessibility shortcuts Alt+Left/Right that allows you to navigate through elements other than notes and rests, and can be used in text edit mode to quickly move from note to note adding text.

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The position in the menu has got nothing to do with the shortcuts as defines in Preferences > Shortcuts.
And I'm not aware of any major changes there.
MuseScore 3 doesn't use the shortcut settings from MuseScore 2, so indeed if you customized them there, you need to customize them here too

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Keyboard shortcuts don't change just because a menu location changes. You may be talking about mnemonics, which are different. Eg, the command to delete measures moved from the Edit to the Tools menu, so the mnemonic changed from Alt+E to Alt+T to open the menu - but the shortcut for the command itself has not changed, it remains Ctrl+Delete. While a handful of commands did indeed move to improve overall usability - thus requiring an adjustment those accustomed to the old way - the majority are right where they were. And again, while mnemonics for the menu may have changed, shortcuts didn't except in just ac couple of places where there were conflcits (eg, now that Alt+T is the mnemonic for the Tools menu, the shortcut for Tempo text had to change).

It's not clear what problem you are having here, it could be due to the new feature where manually adjusting a chord position in edit mode actually modifies leading space, thus effectively moving all notes at that time position, This is what is desired in many cases, but obviously not all. But the Inspector still gives the old behavior, just be sure to use the Chord section, not the Note section.

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This particular problem was solved by JoJo Schmitz first response. Using the inspector under "Chord" works as expected.

The rest is an aside: many of the problems I'm having with MS3 have to do with keyboard shortcuts no longer working. I had worked extensively on MS2 to get the shortcuts the way I wanted them. All these shortcuts simply disappeared in MS3 and I was not able to import my old shortcuts. Same for Score Styles, MS2 Styles can't be imported, so I have to go through the process of building these things all over again. In the process, things don't work, things look wrong, because I don't have the old shortcut to access whatever function or do what I want to do, which is frustrating. When making a new version of MS it would be better for the new version to import these kinds of settings from the old version, especially when formats change, as appears to be the case with Styles.

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MuseScore 3 uses an entirely different set of preferences and indeed you need to customize your shortcuts anew to match the customization you did MuseScore 2. I did mention this earlier already.
Importing styles is a very new feature, not part of the initial MuseScore 3 and only done jby me) because it was very simple, I'm not sure whether it'd be similarly simple for shortcuts
But you can open both shortcuts.xml files in any text editor and compare and copy them.

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Importing score styles is possible, but not something I would recommend doing without some thought, as really, the meaning of some settings has changed, in that the defaults the offwrts are applied to is different, or there are additional new settings that interaction with the old ones, etc. We already do a reasonably good job of making these adjustments when importing scores. So hat's the approach I'd recommend: apply your style to a score in 2.3.2, then import the 2.3.2 score, then save the resulting style. Even so, I'd also recommend spending some time thinking if you might want to also make adjustments to the new settings for consistency. For example, if your style was setting all text to be some different font, you'll want to go in an catch the new text styles as well, etc.

Really, it's often better to just bite the bullet and examine your old style settings and apply them anew in MuseScore 3.

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