Preferences does not change after pressing "OK" or "Apply" in MDL Mode

• Jul 10, 2019 - 07:33
Reported version
S2 - Critical

Steps of Issue Reproduction
In MDL Mode,
1. Open preference window: Menu Bar > Edit > Preference...
2. Change any settings inside Preference window
3. Click "OK" or "Apply" > Window may freeze, preference window UI may deform then restore
4. Observe any UI changes: Nothing changes
5. Open Preference window again as in Step 1
6. Observe any preference changes: Settings are being reset to default values
7. Restart the computer and open MuseScore
8. Repeat from Step 1: Reproduce this issue

My Computer Information
Brand: HP
Model: Pavilion x360 Convertible 14 ba-113TX
Architecture: 64-bit
OS: Windows 10 1903 Build 18362.175

Version: (This also happens on last version)
Revision: d2d863f
Build Architecture: 64-bit


Status active needs info

Which setting in particular are you changing? I wasn't able to reproduce when I tried a few diffferent things just now.

The MDL workspace does indeed define some of these settings itself, but most should be totally changeable. You can also edit the workspace to not define the GUI settings, go to View / Workspaces / Edit and deselect the GUI boxes.

Sorry for my late reply, but I have attempted to change the following settings in the preference window launched in MDL mode:
General > Theme >
Icon width: 28px (Default) → 14px
Icon height: 24px (Default) → 12px
Font face: FreeSans (Default) → Arial
Font size: 13 (Default) → 10
Canvas > Background >
Colour (Selected): [RGB] 102, 102, 102 (Default) → [RGB] 48, 48, 48

No matter I input any values to the settings above, as long as I am in MDL mode and I launch the preference window, it will remain at the default values after I clicked "Apply" or "OK" . The next time I open the preference window in MDL mode again, the preference window will have the default values displayed because nothing has changed.

As for the other modes (Basic and Advanced), if I change the values in the preference window, the changes will be reflected after clicking "Apply" or "OK". Therefore, every time I switch my mode to MDL from the other modes, the UI will change back to its defaults, and apply the user defined preferences when switching back to the other modes.

Hi, and first of all: thank you (the devs) for all your great work!

I've had a similar strange effect after installing the actual program version...
--> MuseScore (Rev. d2d863f)
...on two otherwise well maintained Win10 x64 PCs.

  1. Installation as usual (same prog folder as always)
  2. completion of the installation process without any obvious errors
  3. after starting MuseScore the 1st time, the resource manager popup window appeared
  4. manually updated both entries, no obvious errors detected
  5. after closing the resource manager window, MuseScore was switched to MDL mode
  6. personal background picture and paper style now disappeared
  7. also, in MDL mode all user defined fonts seem to get changed
  8. while looking into the "prefs" --> "canvas" entries, I couldn't change the background image / paper style back to my usual choice

Pls. see my 3 screenshots.
To me, it seems as if there was an internal user profile active which overrides any prefs changes while in MDL mode.
The two unchangeable paths that appear under "prefs" --> "canvas" look like this:
After switching back to "advanced" mode everything is back to normal.