Patch in the mixer

• Jul 15, 2019 - 20:42

Isn't there a more familiar term?
I liked better the old 'Sound'.


"Patch" is the term in standard use (in English, anyhow) to select sounds ever since the first modular synthesizers started to appear in the 1960's. But I agree it doesn't mean much to someone not accustomed to electronic music/

Any better alternatives that we can find some consensus on? I don't like "Patch" either...

"Sound" sounds ;-) fine to me, it has been used and as such been etablished in MuseScore before

OK, changed to "Sound" then, added to

There are some occurrences of "Patch" where it may make sense to keep them, being the correct technical term esp. in their context (together with "Channel", "Program", "Bank"), same goes for "~no patch~". But then again thex are used in the same dialog as "Sound", so should better be kept in sync.

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Roland: uses "Tone" and sometimes "Instrument" terms
Tone List: SOUND Canvas VA has tones (Instruments) on following lists.

Yamaha: uses "Voices" term.
Rhythm Voices, GM LEVEL-2 VOICES

Korg: uses "Program" and "Sound"
Featured HD-1 sounds, GM2 main Programs

Soundfonts uses "Preset" term.
Preset - A keyboard full of sound. Typically the collection of samples and articulation data associated
with a particular MIDI preset number

OK I gave up :)
Use whatever you want.
There's no agreement even among big companies.

I'm a person who rejects his offer himself. :D

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The main disadvantage of "instrument" as I see it is that this term means something different already in MuseScore. You're not really changing the instrument, just the sound associated with it, and elsewhere we do need to make that distinction.

Similarly, "voice" means not just one but two other completely different things, which is bad enough. "Tone" is OK, but sounds to me like someone going out of their way to avoid the word "sound". "Program" is accurate from a technical perspective even more so than "patch", but probably even less familiar and potentially more misleading.

To me "sound" was fine all along.

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