• Jul 18, 2019 - 02:08

I use 4 soundfonts. I no longer have MuseScore General under there, rather the HQ one.

My mixer patches are always saved. However, when I reopen MuseScore, I have to redo all of my mixer patches. Some save, the others don't. I don't understand.

My soundfonts are my default as they have been for 6 months. Someone please explain what's going on.


Which version are you using? There was a problem with this in previous versions, but it was fixed prior to the current 3.2.3.

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info box.png In Windows, if you click Help > About you'll get an info box that says MuseScore and the version number. To copy the revision number, click on the button to the right of "Revision" in that same info box. Now you can paste the information requested into your comment so they can help you more efficiently.

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If you truly mean soundfont, then you can set the soundfont in the synthesizer and click set as default to have the same soundfont loaded every time. As long as the soundfont is GM standard (like those that come with MuseScore) you shouldn't need to do too much assigning of sounds on each score.

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