Volume error when exporting file to (FLAC)

• Jul 23, 2019 - 06:48
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Hola, quiero notificarles de este problema que ya lleva desde hace mucho tiempo.
resulta ser que no importa, la dinámica que ponga, o la modificación del volumen que haga (ganancia maestra) o directamente el volumen del instrumento en el mezclador. siempre a la hora de exportar. ignora el volumen que le e puesto y siempre se reproduce el archivo en un solo volumen, no importa lo bajo o lo alto que lo ponga en el mezclador o en el inspector, siempre cuando exporto el archivo (FLAC) el volumen es el mismo. siempre. en la imagen les muestro, en el programa si se nota la diferencia, pero cuando lo exporto a (FLAC) siempre sale en un solo volumen. no importa lo bajo que ponga el volumen. cuando lo exporto siempre suena igual. cuando reproduzco la partitura en el programa si se nota la diferencia, pero cuando lo exporto a (FLAC) siempre se escucha igual no importa la modificación que haga.

PD: estoy usando la ultima versión del programa la
también les incluyo la partitura que estoy usando en las captures.


Title Error en volúmenes cuando se exporta el archivo a (FLAC) Volume error when exporting file to (FLAC)

Google translate:
Hello, I want to notify you of this problem that has been going on for a long time.
It turns out that it doesn't matter, the dynamics that you put in, or the modification of the volume you make (master gain) or directly the volume of the instrument in the mixer. Always when exporting. It ignores the volume that I have set and the file is always played in a single volume, no matter how low or high it is placed in the mixer or in the inspector, as long as I export the file (FLAC) the volume is the same. forever. in the image I show you, in the program if you notice the difference, but when I export it to (FLAC) it always comes out in a single volume. No matter how low the volume is. When I export it it always sounds the same. when I play the score in the program if the difference is noticed, but when I export it to (FLAC) it always sounds the same no matter what modification I make.

PS: I am using the latest version of the program
I also include the score that I am using in the captures.

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The same thing happened to me (I was exporting MP3).
I don't know how this happened.
It sounded like all the instruments played as 127 velocity.

I wanted to make an example to prepare an error-report. I've prepared some test files.
However, whatever I did at that time, the export mysteriously improved.
In the meantime, I experienced more than ten crashes during the export test (when the status indicator was around 49%~50%).
Also, even if some exports were completed without crashing, there was no music in the MP3 (A four-minute MP3 with silence).
I also solved this crash by shortening the exported file name (I don't know why; this is another mystery).

(I've changed the main file with the problem many times.)

But when I couldn't make a valid test file, I gave up.

Edit: I was able to repeat the same extraction issue as the file added by OP.
I extracted the first eight measures as a MP3 (see A1.zip).

The settings during MP3 export are in PNG image files. (A0, A1, A2).

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Audio exports are normalized, meaning that the volume is raised so the peak is the standard nominal maximum. So if a score has only quiet dynamics - as is the case here - it will indeed be louder exported, just as is the case in normal audio mastering. But all relative dynamics within the score should be retained, so if there are loud passages, then it will only be amplified enough to make those the standard nominal maximum, and the quieter passage will be softer in comparison. This is standard in practice the audio industry. Otherwise we'd have to constantly adjust the volume on our radios / mp3 players / youtube playlists. If you have some particular need to have a non-normalized audio file, you can untick the "Normalize" option in Edit / Preferences / Audio.

If you are saying you have a score that actually has dynamic contrasts and those aren't being heard, then that would be a bug, but we'd need you to post that score.