Accordion (German?) left hand notation

• Jul 25, 2019 - 19:38


I'd like to put accordion bass note names and chord names. The special thing is, that Accordions (at least in Germany) use 1. German note and chord names (H instead of B) and lowercase chord names.

That said:
C below a note is "press C bass button".
"c" below a note or chord is "press C major(!) chord button".
"cm" below a note or chord is "press "c minor chord button".
"cm\nC" below a chord is "press both C bass button and c minor chord button", where '\n' means line break.

Cannot be done in Musescore using chord notation, and I do not want to abuse the lyrics. Also, I do not know how to input the flat '♭' using lyrics.

I see multiple things here:

1.) Enter a special accordion text input, similar to lyrics/chord input.
2.) Set default to "below staff".
3.) Do not auto-correct "bb" to "B♭", but to "b♭". Do not autocorrect cb7 to "C♭7", but to "c♭7".
4.) Allow German input, which is "b" for b flat major and "h" for b major.

Hope I havent forgotten anything.

Random examples (used google images search "akkordeon noten" and clicked some random images):……

Random examples googling "Akkordeon Polka Noten":

Best regards :)


To enter flat sign, use Ctrl+Shift+b (sharp is Ctrl+Shift+#)

To make a particular text type default to below the staff, set it that way then use the "set as style" button int he Inspector.

So you should be able to do what you want using staff text - you can even use Alt+Right to move to the next note similar to how Space works for lyrics.

I have the same need.
I use chords by unchecking capitalize chord names in style.
I have also asked to the current chord playback development if taking that into account in the implementation is possible but answer (from Jojo) was that it was too "specific" :-(

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