Note still played after having been deleted

• Jul 30, 2019 - 08:03

0) Open the score attached.
1) Press space (or your custom shortcut) to start playing from the beginning.
2) Stop playback (it makes no difference how long you've left it playing).
3) Select with the mouse, say, the third note, and delete it.
4) Press the shortcut to "select previous measure" in order to have the first note selected.
5) Press space again.

The note you just deleted is still played.

There's lots of odd things about this bug: it won't happen if you haven't played the measure right before deleting the note; it will only happen the first time you play the measure after having deleted the note (if you stop playback and repeat steps 4 and 5, the deleted note isn't played a second time); it also won't happen if, in step 4, you select the first note of the measure with the mouse instead of using the keyboard shortcut...

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I've experienced a similar issue with notes repositioned, not deleted. After repositioning a note, the note still plays back at the previous pitch before it was moved. The only way I found to get the new pitch to play back correctly was to delete the note and add a new note there. This happened only a few times (only in MS3) and I could not reproduce the problem in an example project.

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