Version 3 text related items in Format->Style menu ordering

• Aug 12, 2019 - 09:19

As someone that largely transcribes (early) vocal music, I find it a pain to have the "Text Styles" menu option at the bottom of the list - and worse - having to scroll to find it. If there really does need to be just one "Style" menu (as opposed to the version 2 "Format->Text Styles") then please would you group all the text related menu options (viz: "Lyrics", "Text Styles", "Text Line", "Stave Text". "Tempo Text", "Rehearsal Marks" etc) together and have them further up the menu list.

While you are in there, please consider what the most usable ordering of menu items might be. For example: frequency of use or maybe even alphabetical order. In particular would you consider making the dialog box bigger. Or maybe better yet, allow users to re-order the items to streamline their personal workflows.

Should "Lyrics", "Text Line", "Stave Text". "Tempo Text", "Rehearsal Marks" etc be first class items in this menu at all? Would it not be better to add these dialog boxes' contents to their respective text style dialogs? I am guessing here (as a grizzled old C programmer) that these menu items map directly to C++ objects - which makes life easier for the programmers (whom are doing a fine job) - but , unfortunately, do not make life easier for the user.


Alphabetical order most certainly won't work, due to the various languages MuseScore is translated into
A separate Format > Text Stiles menu might an option, like MuseScore 1 and 2 had too.

Text style is a very specific thing, a group of settings shared by all text element types. It makes sense to have the text style page contain only these settings, that are common to all text, both from a programming perspective and from a user perspective (for consistency in the UI).

Is there a reason you find yourself using these often rather than simply creating and using a template or style file or making changes using the "Set as style" button in the Inspector? To me those are the facilities that already eliminate most of the reasons people might otherwise need to resort to visiting the text style dialog often.

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