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• Aug 12, 2019 - 20:41

I just tried to install an update to MuseScore 3. It failed, but deleted my previous version so now I can't use MuseScore.

Windows 10 gave a message during installation warning that an attempt to write to a restricted folder was blocked by Windows. The installation later aborted with a message about being unable to do something with a temporary file that was needed for the installation.

I then tried to uninstall MuseScore so I could start a complete new installation. But the system seemed to think that MuseScore is no longer on my computer. So I went to the website and downloaded Musescore 3 and tried installing it. Same behavior as before: Windows blocked access to a protected folder and the installation failed.


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No, because "Run as Admistrator" never was necessary before when I installed MuseScore, so I am afraid that something is wrong with the .msi file and don't want to grant it unusual privileges.

Further information: I have Windows 10 Professional 64-bit. Also, the file system service that could not write to the forbidden folder was VSSVC.exe I believe.

Version 2 was not deleted by MuseScore install, just the shortcut was. Look in your Programs (x86) folder for MuseScore 2, then bin then find MuseScore.exe and create a shortcut to that and you can then run version 2 using the shortcut.

You need to have the administrator (or log in as and administrator) to allow the user to modify the folders needed by MuseScore. MuseScore 3 will be added under the Programs folder (without the x86) so that and the user folder is what needs permission to install version 3.

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Thanks, I do still have MuseScore 2 on my machine and I can run it. However, I have been using versions of MuseScore 3 and like its new features. I am disturbed that suddenly I have to change settings on my machine to be able to install MuseScore 3. I never before had to "Run as Adminstrator" to install MuseScore updates.
Am I being too cautious?

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Windows is trying to make your computer more secure. Your W10 account is an administrator's account. But for security reasons, there is a higher level admin. account. You may not have run into it but it's pretty common to have to right-click "run as administrator" to have to access the higher level admin account. It's safe to do so.

Thank you to all who tried to help me. Can I easily run the installation ".msi" file using "Run as Administrator"? I don't see how. Perhaps I could run the Command Prompt "as Administrator" and then run the .msi file in the Command Prompt to install MuseScore 3. But surely this should not be necessary and I am loath to try it. I'm afraid of it, and most MuseScore users would have trouble understanding how do this. Why can't the installation run smoothly like all previous MuseScore installations on my machine? This looks like a bug in the installation code. Why is the installation program trying to write to protected folders on my machine?

Until this is resolved, I can't run version 3 of MuseScore on my machine, a very sad situation for me since I love the program and find it extremely useful.

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  1. The fact tat you might need to use RAA is not a bug or mistake indication of some kind of problem in any way. It is a feature that shows you that various functions of your OS are working together. You may not have needed to use it last time because you computer is different than it was last time. There's been a major windows upgrade in the last several months. Everybody's computers are different anyway. Run as admin is a way to bypass some of those differences and get on with the business of using your computer. Which is what needs to happen here. Computers can only do what they are told. Either by software or by a command. Tell you computer what to do.
  2. If it doesn't work, then that's more an indication that there might be a problem with your computer than with MuseScore.

Problem solved?

I tried something else and it seems to have worked. I opened the Microsoft Store app, searched for MuseScore, and then clicked on "Install". The software downloaded quickly and installed with no error messages. It makes sense that Store apps will be trusted more than downloads from

The version that was installed was I don't know if this is the latest version.

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