I forgot to cancel my subscription

• Aug 20, 2019 - 15:26

I stupidly forgot to cancel my subscription after the free trial and I really can't afford this I'm hoping to get a refund but I have had no reply yet. I thought I had selected the monthly option which wouldn't have been so bad but I got charged £42 for this yearly subscription that I didn't even realise I had selected :( I know it doesn't seem like a lot but I'm a young uni student so I don't have a lot of cash spare and that's a big chunk out my account when I already have hardly anything!
I only used the site once to print off some music then never used it again I feel a bit mugged off by this website lol I've never seen a company take that much for forgetting about a free trial. I mean I'd love to support the website but I don't know if I ever will after this.


I have the exact same problem... I swear to god, if we could only switch to a monthly version now and get at least the rest of the money back. I am in exactly the same situation as you. I just found out few hours ago and I cannot get over it. It is a huge amount of money which I cannot afford. I wonder, if there are real humans behind this website, they must at least try to understand us. I barely used the website once, but I am okay with paying the month which I started just now, but a year seems unfair to me.

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It's getting less and less common for subscription sites to process pro-rata refunds if you move from yearly to monthly subscriptions because it completely removes the incentive to sign up for a year (with its big discount on monthly payments). The musescore.com vs. musescore.org split is quite confusing, at least partly because the sites look the same. The benefits of the .com subscription seem pretty minimal to me - I wonder how many people have accidentally thought they had to subscribe to do things they could do for free in musescore.org.

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The benefits of a Pro account on musescore.com are outlined there quite clearly IMHO.

I wonder how many just took the free month just because it is free, without further thinking and reading the fine print.
For me having to enter credit card data anywhere on the web is an alarm signal, esp. for stuff that reads 'FREE' on the tin.

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How did you get Belgium and Russia? I used a standard net tools IP lookup/traceroute on the domain names to get Holland and Texas, but are the sites hosted in Belgium/Russia? Anyway, the question remains: what's the nature of the relationship between the two, if any?

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