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• Aug 20, 2019 - 17:49

Is it possible to add a title page I have prepared for the Score of Mozart's ADAGIO from his Clarinet Concerto?
I prepared it in WORD (it has his portrait in colour, title of the piece and the instruments it has been arranged for).
I am finding it impossible to drag and drop it into one of the "upload" spaces provided for notation.
Can a file from WORD be changed into a MUSE SCORE file? I can find no reference regarding this point in my manual and not much help about it on the internet.
I would be very grateful for instructions to allow me to place it with the score I have uploaded.
Many thanks
Chris Peel

PS Don't know if you can open the insertion under the list below. It is the title page in question.

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Many thanks for your prompt reply.
Unfortunately, I cannot work out how I can save the file (not just the picture) as SVG/PNG because I have never done this before and cannot find the format I need to do the job for me. If you can open my attachment, you'll see what my title page looks like.
The other problem is that I need to place it in front of the score, rather than any of the parts.
All this may just not be possible to do, so I'll have to be content with what I can mange and not try to be too ambitious.
So , once again I thank you and send you my best wishes for your continued success.
Chris Peel

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I can't open word files so I'm not sure what it looks like. There are several ways to make a picture of part of a screen that would allow you to insert a picture into a frame. Windows has an accessory called Snipping tool that does this.

If everything is text, then enter the text. Keep in mind that MuseScore has practically no word processing capability so you will need to enter it into a frame like you are using a manual typewriter (if you even know what one of those is) but you can change fonts, underline, make bold and a few other things for the text using the text toolbar that appears at the bottom of the MuseScore window.

You cannot insert any file but a picture.

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@Chris, I use Libreoffice and can export your docx as a PDF;
MuseScore can export the scores as PDF:
PdfSam (free https://pdfsam.org/ ) can merge multiple PDFs into one file.
So if you have to prepare a booklet you can use this solution.
Or, open your document;
Use the Print (PrtScn) button to get a snapshot and open it in Paint with Ctrl+V (they are standard applications on Windows);
Select the part of the image and save it, for example as PNG;
Then you can insert it into a score.

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