• Aug 22, 2019 - 21:36

In a composition of mine during playback the playback, also within exportations, does not correctly switch from pizzicato to arco. In other words, the pizzicato is still heard instead of the arco. The instruments are violin and cello. The specific voicings are the violinexpress. and celloexpress..


When this text was first introduced arco was called Normal in both the text and the mixer. It is now called Arco in both places. Right click the arco text, select staff text properties and make sure all voices you need to change are selected and the first option (either Arco or Normal) is selected in the dropdown for those voices.

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FYI, all music is protected by copyright law the moment it is written down or otherwise set in "tangible form", in virtually every country on earth. There is never a separate step required, although you are welcome to optionally "register" your copyright in some countries. Anyhow, when we need to see a score in order to help, it often suffices to make a copy and delete all but the problem measures.

I exported as .midi and the playback bug between pizzicato to arco is no longer present. However, the most score markings are not present and the score has added two extra staves. It's also elongating notes and glissandi into longer, more convoluted notation. There are also duplicate tempo markings.

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