Install/update to 3.0, Ubuntu 14.04LTS

• Aug 23, 2019 - 21:47

The Appimage will not run. I get the message : The file “/home/randy/Downloads/MuseScore-3.2.3-x86_64 (1).AppImage” could not be opened.


Good morning,

In our choral team, we are using musescore on individual computers for many months. It’s a fantastic tool that gives us great help, especially for learning songs. Thanks a lot.

In charge for helping members switching from musescore version V2 to V3, I have two questions I would appreciate if you could answer me.

1 / Most of members switched without any problem, but I have an issue with one guy. He is using a Mac with musescore V2 operational for many months. Unfortunately, this mac has an old OS not compatible with musescore V3, and which cannot be upgraded due to a too old hardware. May it be possible with musescore V3 having opened a mscz file created with V3, to save this mscz file under V2 format ?

2 / One another member has a Windows V8.1 computer with musescore V2 operational for many months. According to your inline support, Windows V8.1 is compatible with musescore V3. But, after V3 downloading and installation, your software displays on the screen an error message “L'application n'a pas réussi à démarrer correctement (0xc000007b). Cliquez sur OK pour fermer l'application” which can be translated by “The application failed to start successfully (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application”. May you have any idea to solve this issue ?

Thanks in advance for your advices and answers.

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MuseScore 3.2.3 is available for macOS 10.10 or later, previous ones required 10.12 or later.
If that still isn't old enough, the best way to make version 3 scores available to MuseScore 2 is Musicxml export in 3 and import in 2
Windows 8 should indeed be compatible with MuseScore 3, but also both come in 32bit and 64bit versions, and a 32bit Windows needs a 32bit MuseScore.
That error message though indicates that an Msvc runtime library is missing though, see also #281433: Application Won't Start

I don't quite get though what this has got to do with Ubuntu and AppImages?

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