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• Jan 8, 2019 - 17:59
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I downloaded MuseScore 3.0 last night and when I tried opening it I got an error message saying, "MuseScore.exe - Application Error The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application." At the same time my internet went out so I figured it had something to do with that. Today I uninstalled the application and redownloaded it and the same error came up. I need MuseScore for a composition class I took (first assignment is due Friday) so I kind of need this to work soon. I tried repairing the application and that didn't work either. I'm using Windows 8.1


Type Plugins Functional

And even after just having installed all the latest Microsoft patches, some for .NET amongst them, on my Windows 7 today

Status needs info won't fix

I'm having the same issues too! I constantly tried to install/uninstall this thing on my Windows 8.1 and it just won't work. Tried updating my Windows, no luck. Ended up being forced to go back to 2.3.2.

Can a developer please explain what the hell error 0xc000007b means? 'Cause unless this issue is resolved right away, this may just convince me to go with a competitor brand that won't force their clients to jump through hoops to get this resolved!

Status needs info won't fix

I tried EVERYTHING related to the issue and attempted another reinstall with MuseScore 3.0 Guess what? STILL NO FUCKING LUCK!

Like seriously, the previous version didn't have any issues. I can't seem to fucking pinpoint where the fucking issue is! Way to support your product, MuseScore! insert middle finger here

And don't even get me started on MS .NET Framework. We shouldn't have to download third party workarounds to try and get this to work! MuseScore should JUST WORK! But no, all this frustration that's jeopardising my computer's safety as well as my finances has now forced me to seek alternatives, like being forced to pay stupidly high amounts of subscription fees to competitors JUST TO GET A SOFTWARE THAT'S WELL-SUPPORTED!

At this point, I'm done trying to make 3.0 work. Expect a Fearless Gear Review on the version 3.0.1 from me shortly.

Hi parhelia_0000,

I see you are passionate about MuseScore. But in order to find a solution to this problem, it's advised to refrain yourself from swearing.

When we released MuseScore 1 and MuseScore 2 in the past, we gradually learned about compatibility issues, on software and hardware level. Gradually means it may take months or sometimes years for us to learn which software or hardware is conflicting. This won't be any different with MuseScore 3, as it's built with newer software.

And so our best way to find a resolution is to work together, share our findings and hopefully we'll come to a solution asap.

It's not the issue with my Visual C++'s - those are all up to date.

Tried to update my Windows 8.1 but my computer decided to say no to the update. Tried multiple workarounds but no luck. (It's a 2014 Acer Aspire laptop by the way. I'm broke and unemployed at the moment so I don't have the money to spend on a new computer.)

The problem I have is, we shouldn't be forced to buy a whole new computer or download third party workarounds JUST to get MuseScore to work. MuseScore itself should JUST WORK!

At this point, I'm done trying to make my computer compatible with MuseScore 3. I would post my review of this I uploaded on YouTube here, but I know the admins will freak out again considering there are swear words they will get offended by.

i am having the same problem. I am also on windows 8.1. i have tried various solutions, including downloading microsoft redistributable C++ 2015-2019, and adding manually missing dlls (quite dangerous). but none of this fixed it

Almost the same problem. I installed the 64 version. Message was, unable to start cannot find api-ms-win etc. crt dll.

So, now I am installing the 32 version. I have version 1 and 2 of this program which always worked and installed fine.

Same error on the 32 bit version.

When there is an installable version of this please email me. I am still setting up my music computer and do want this running on it.

I ran into the same issue on Windows 7 system but was able to fix it by installing some of Visual C++ Redistributable packages, although I used those packages included in Qt rather than downloaded from Microsoft website. But, in any case, I would try downloading and installing the redistributable packages from Microsoft website (the file that is needed from that page is vc_redist.x64.exe):…

I have managed to execute the 32-bit version by installing Windows8.1-KB2999226-x64.msu which you can find at

C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\3ACBF3890FC9C8A6F3D2155ECF106028E5F55164\packages\Patch\x64