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• Aug 25, 2019 - 15:46

Hello. So I truly enjoyed using Musescore for notating my compositions for high school. But I needed the Pro account to view the pdf files and print out some things and a few other things that it said only a Pro account could do. So I signed up for the free trial. I don't need the Pro account anymore so I never used it after the one time I needed the Pro feature. However, I forgot about the Pro account and a few days ago $49 was taken out of my bank account. I contacted Musescore twice through email asking for a refund. But there has been no response. What should I do?


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Given the number of times we see questions like this, it appears that there are some serious miscommunications/misunderstandings between the role of the .com and .org sites. While the general rule "let the buyer beware" does apply, the fact remains that a good many people believe that they have to pay to access the "pro" features of MuseScore software... and they're not happy when they learn otherwise. Yes, I know that there are pro features related to the .com site, but I've been happily using MS for years without the need to explore those options. I don't frequent the .com side of the site, (unless I navigate there by accident) so I don't know how it is that people are coming to this assumption. In my opinion, this lack of clarity reflects badly on both the .org and .com entities.

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@toffle, as a test start an upgrade to a pro account on the .com site (don't enter you credit card so it'll never be a problem). My account is pro so I can't do this. If I remember, there was nothing that made me believe my ability to use MuseScore would be affected in any way. It clearly told me that I would have increased storage on that account and the ability to download a PDF with parts. There are a couple of other .com related perks that are newer than my pro account.

How would you clarify this besides starting the upgrade process with a huge banner that said "This upgrade does not affect program performance" or something to that affect.

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As suggested, I started the “upgrade” process. In the attached screen shot, it certainly appears that the pro account offers greater access to features which are integral parts of the (always) free program along with the pro features of file sharing etc. A new user might easily assume that a pro account is necessary to perform tasks like set instruments and volume for parts, to print scores, etc. Having read the threads long enough, I know that this is in regards to shared scores, but I can easily understand the confusion.
As I stated above, it is obvious that many users are confused about what they are paying for. We see their questions on almost a daily basis. Perhaps your suggestion of a banner "This upgrade does not affect program performance" would be a good place to start.

I mean no disrespect for the features of the pro account, but they are by no means necessary to create and print professional-looking scores.

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I would agree with you Jojo, the mobile screen is not related to the desktop program, which is the only on I use. If this is where they are getting their pro accounts, it seems they are getting what is advertised. I actually saw this on my phone and stopped at that point.

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