MuseScore Playback SILENT with paired bluetooth speaker

• Aug 11, 2014 - 17:11

Jawbone MiniBox bluetooth speaker pairs well with MacBook Pro, to play iTunes but not with MuseScore playback. MuseScore playback plays ONLY when wired speakers are plugged into headphone jack. Silent with bluetooth speaker. Is it possible my bluetooth wireless speaker is designed to work only with iTunes?


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What options for sound output do you have on the MuseScore I/O preferences panel?

Which is what I was referring to - I have absolutely no knowledge of Macs so wouldn't even begin to know where settings are kept!

It may help to post a screenshot of the I/O preferences panel with the dropdown menu for Sound Output showing.

These things aren't always called what you expect them to be - not in Windows anyway!

I had the same problem, but if you go into Preferences and click on I/O, make sure you set the Device to your bluetooth speaker.

*Note - it says in red halfway down that window or so that any changes require a restart, so you'll need to restart the application before you'll be able to hear sounds coming out of your bluetooth speaker when connected.

I hope this helps!

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for some reason, there are two Bluetooth options (SB2 Wireless), maybe for input(mic) and output(Lil' speakers)

regardless, neither work. It is still silent while trying to playback. This is frustrating because now that I've switched to Apple's new "Wireless everything" I do not own a wired headset that works at this time, nor do I want to own one. This REALLY needs to be solved software wise or if I just need a new BT earbuds, which is not the case because everything else works on the laptop audio output wise besides this program. I've searched everywhere on google, I'm out of ideas to try.

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@Marc Sabatella where are youuuuu? I'm having this problem as well. Can't write music in coffeeshops because my bluetooth headphones won't connect :\

Just got bluetooth headphones (cheapo - JKR-219B) and they worked immediately with phone and tablet but I had to fiddle about with several settings in the OS on my desktop PC. None of the MuseScore settings were at fault - it was entirely down to getting the OS settings correct (xubuntu 16.04 in my case).

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