Dragging a file to the MuseScore icon causes to forget last session

• Aug 29, 2019 - 07:42

If MuseScore is closed after Continue last session has been selected in Edit / Preferences / General, the files that were open at the moment the program is closed will open automatically when the program is restared. However, if with the program not yet launched we drag a file from the explorer to the Musescore icon on the desktop, the last session is forgotten and only the dragged file will open after the program starts.
The expected behavior would be that the new file opened in a new tab, preserving the old session's files open.
I'm using 3.2.3 on Windows 7 Home Premium.
Is this a bug?


No, by design, as far as I can tell. "Continue with last session" only works when MuseScore gets started direktly, noever whan starting via double-clickins a score or draging a score onto the icon (which is the same thing under the covers), and as far as I can this is happening intentionally.
It also is a good workaround if any of the 'last sessions' scores causes a crash on open, so I'd rather keep it that way.

The current behaviour seems the correct one to me.
Dragging a file to MuseScore icon is like writing an explicit command "open that specific file".
So the "continue last session" parameter can be read as:
-if I want to continue to work on previously opened file(s), then I don't need to bother to reselect the file(s), I just need to open MuseScore.
-if I want to work on another file I just need to open MuseScore from that file.
-And if I want to do both, first open MuseScore then open the additional file from MuseScore.
Makes perfect sense for me.

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