How do you make the metronome go at semiquaver beats?

• Sep 5, 2019 - 01:29

I've got a Score of Mozart's Turkish March and wanted the metronome to go at semiquaver intervals.
Is this possible?


In the tempo palette there is a semi-quaver = 80 tempo. Add this to the score where you want that tempo and change the 80 to the appropriate number and the tempo will be what you want. If it's the initial tempo you want to change, delete the initial tempo and insert the one from the palette.

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This kind of sub-beat option for the metronome ("one-and-two-and…" or "one-e-and-a-two-e-and-a…") is what I came here looking for. Sad to see that a month ago, it was still just "not without appeal."

As suggested elsewhere, I could always add a "click track" staff… bleh.

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The majority of people who contribute to MuseScore are volunteers, not paid staff. Included in these people are several talented musicians including some professional musicians of some repute, but no superstars. Of the contributors, none have felt the need to add this option to the metronome.

Currently, if the tempo is dotted quarter = 60 or higher, it ticks on the dotted quarter beat. When this tempo is under 60, it ticks on the 8th note. This is a somewhat arbitrary tempo but that is the current situation. As you noted, the click track is a decent workaround and gives you all of the flexibility you would ever want. It's only one more key press to mute it.

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