The Attached Score Will Not Upload

• Sep 5, 2019 - 17:09

The attached score will not upload.


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Why using hidden instruments rather that using parts?

BTW: trying to unhide them causes a crash... I guess that's the smoking gun.

Rather a failed asserion:
Fatal: ASSERT: "partiturList->currentItem() == item" in file ...\mscore\instrwidget.cpp, line 514 (...\mscore\instrwidget.cpp:514, )

I can't reproduce it again though :-(

Hmm, I can, in a development build, when ticking the 2nd piano in the instruments dialog

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The hidden instruments allow the rest of the background music to be played softly, with the student instrument volume at the top. I print the parts just fine, but have used this technique when tailoring music for an individual. Many times, in fact.

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That was already done at the onset. But this allows her to play interactively. And yeah, the extra mile wouldn't be because I know the family and am partial, mind you grin.

Again, I have done this probably over a hundred times here without a hitch. Just something about this score.

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On this discussion I have both the original attachment (not the flute version). You are welcome to download it. It should export to a WAV just fine.

I am going to resave the original as a "- Flute2" version (to keep the corrupted version available) and try to upload it. I will then go in baby steps towards tailoring it like I've done the corrupted version.

I know we both probably have other things keeping us busy, but I appreciate your response. Overall, MuseScore is perfect for what I do. Btw, if you're at some admin level and can see my unlisted scores, you're welcome to peruse them. I keep them unlisted to give each student his/her own tailored link. I have a LOT of them out there.

Again, thanks. I'll keep this ticket updated regarding the baby steps. Hopefully will reveal the specific bug.

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