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• Sep 26, 2019 - 22:15

I put in some forced page breaks and now I want to take them out again but I can't see a symbol that I can delete. This is the file.

And .. I want to make everything bigger but keep the space between the staves the same. Which is the variable I need to alter downwards to do this?

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Perhaps a little background is in order. I laid out the score on 2 sides and forced a page break to put the start of side 2 in a sensible place. Now I realise that everything is too small so I want to increase the scaling to bring the score on to three sides. Before I do this I must remove that damned forced page break; but I can't see it. The forced line break shows as an arrow but I don't see the page break so I can't delete it. Many thanks,

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If you can't see the page breaks, here are two ideas:
a) Look on the menu at View > Show Unprintable, and make sure that it is checked
b) If that doesn't help, add a new page break in a position where you can see it. Then right-click the new page-break symbol and choose Select > All Similar Elements - and delete the selection. All your page breaks will be deleted.

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At measure 28, next to the word "uitbundig", shows a line break. It is not a page break.
The page does break there, but only because there is not enough room for another system to fit.
If you increase the paper size 'Height' in Format -> Page Settings more system(s) will fit - proof that no page break is present.

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I increased the scaling to 1.5 to force the score to use three pages. After bar 28 there is now a lot of white space - wild. It is this that makes me think I did put a page break there. Indeed I remember thinking that I wanted the men's entry in bar 33 to appear at the top of a new page and I stupidly used a page break to do so; I should have been more subtle with the use of the line breaks.

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You wrote:
After bar 28 there is now a lot of white space - wild.

You have two 'Tussenspel' texts attached to bar 24. (One 'Tussenspel' displays across pages 1 and 2.) They were dragged down the page and thus create all the white space.
Drag them closer to the attachment point at bar 24 to reduce the white space. Delete one if it's redundant and unneeded.

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