Select Similar in Range Selection

• Sep 29, 2019 - 21:06

Why is there a shortcut for "Select all similar elements in in the range selection"? How does one have a range selection without losing a peculiar elemental selection in order to successfully trigger this shortcut? This seems to be an absurd implementation, and can’t figure out how to utilize it. True, the user can right click an element while having an active range selection, but this is mouse activity and not a keyboard shortcut.

Any clarification?


My clarification is this:

Internally, MuseScore doesn't really distinguish between command that are triggered by keyboard versus my mouse. A command is a command, potentially triggerable in any of several ways - keyboard, mouse, main menu, context menu, plugin. OSC remote control, etc. So, it's not really feasible - or worth the effort it would take - to disable the ability to define a shortcut for a command just because it doesn't happen to be very useful to invoke by keyboard.

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Slightly makes sense, yet raises the issue as to other commands and their lack of keyboard customization. For instance: Staff/Part Properties or the Piano Roll Editor are invokable commands accessed through mouse-driven menus, yet there are no available custom commandings for these. To juxtapose this with having an available shortcut capable of being defined by the user, but then not be able to invoke that command effectively with the custom definition seems to muddy up the seeming idealism here. Oh well, it's obviously not a big problem, but it could be tidied up later as time allows.

Over and out.

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A "command" is a fairly specific construct in MuseScore, and dialogs, in general, are not commands. One in the top level menu general do have commands associated with them, but not those only found in context menus, because that doesn't fit the command processing model. There is, admittedly, some gray area here. But anyhow, those are not commands.

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So swap the word "functions" for "commands", and then the correct phraseology is utilized. More to the point: there's a "command" that can not be executed by a potential definition, offered by MuseScore, to be set by the user. It follows that for future renditions of a program desired by its contributors to be more perfect, this would not be the case, yet acknowledged that it is of no high priority in the meantime.

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Personally I'd rather spend the effort thinking of ways the shortcut could be made useful. For instance, what if there were a way to "freeze" the range selection while still allowing keyboard navigation? It's frankly a bit a of a hack that we use "selection of single element" as a substitute for a "cursor". Someday maybe these could be separated, so a selection could exist independently of navigation (while still allowing navigation to affect the selection as it currently does by default, so you can apply commands immediately after navigation).

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