Unsynced text content in lines beetween score and parts

• Sep 30, 2019 - 11:49
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>> When changing text in Volta Lines ("1.", "2." or "3." in the palette) in the score, this is not reflected in parts, and it's to be done manually for each one. This is to be modified when, for example, a four times repeat with a change on last time is needed ("1. 2. 3." line then "4." line)

>> When changing text in Text Lines ("VII" in the palette) in the score, nothing is reflected either in parts. Useful when needed to put some "play only on 2nd time" or "first time only" indications for specific areas.

>> Seems to be the case for all this kind of items

All these modifications are to be done manually in each part by selecting the line, then the text field in the inspector, and pasting the new text. This can be a significant loss of time. I suggest that the text can be modified in place as for the System Text and Staff Text, and also that the Text Line can be copied an pasted, as it's frequently likely to be the same for a group of parts within the score.



The repeat list is propagated between score and parts, but indeed none of begin-, continue- and end-text of any of those lines is (and there is no distinction in that respect between those different lines of the lines palatte)

It'd be an easy change to make, one line for each of the 3 texts, changing false to true in libmscore/properties.cpp, line 281, 293, 299, the question though is whether this is desirable for all types of lines.

I'd say yes, text is content and as such to be synced, not layout, which is not to be synced.

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Thank you very much!
In the case where you would agree that, in a software, the more items are copy- and pastable, the more ergonomic it is, you may also have an idea of how to fix this with lines?
Until now, this can be achieved for several items like Dynamics, Staff/System Text, Chords Symbols but not for Lines: the only way is to copy and paste the whole content in which lines are included.

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