Mystery results

• Oct 4, 2019 - 14:54

In the attached file using 3.3-RC, the frames are hidden when "Show invisible" or "Show frames" is unchecked. Both must be checked to see frames. As you are aware, frame visibility is controlled exclusively by the "Show frames" option. I was creating a bug report for this and was ready to press submit, but I was also double checking what was happening and realized it was only this score with the strange behavior. Any clues why this is happening?


Strangely enough, the answer is that those frames are in fact marked invisible, so it's not a bug - MuseScore is correctly hiding them when you uncheck "Show invisible". The Inspector doesn't show this attribute for frames, but press "V" and you'll see it stays visible.

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I think I agree it makes no sense to make a frame invisible, so the Inspector is right not to expose this and the shortcut is wrong to allow it. Although, what if making a frame invisible also made its contents invisible? So you make the entire title frame invisible with all its text in one stroke? That could be useful. In which case, maybe the Inspector should still show the Visible property.

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