• Oct 11, 2019 - 14:59

I couldn't upload a song,
I don't know why, I've tried it on 2 different devices.
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I have had a lot of problems in trying to upload scores today. The scores simply get stuck in the "processing" loop - apparently for ever.

In such cases, I find it useful to delete the score from "My Scores" on musescore.com. Then I open the score in the MuseScore notation program and remove the URL stored in File > Score Properties... > Source, and upload the file again with File > Save Online...

That is a 2.3.2 score, you may want update to (actually: additionaly install) 3.2.3.

How are you uploading, directly on musescore.com, or via File > Save online from withun MuseScore? If the former, try the latter it generally works better.

But I can confirm that this seems to have an issue currently too.

I'm having that problem too. I followed the suggestions in the comments, which did eventually allow me to click the upload button, but now it's stuck on the processing screen.

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That's what Jojo said is happening to him. You can wait, I would wait about a day, or you can delete the uploaded score and try uploading from the website rather than the program to see what happens. There seems to be a website problem at the moment and I would recommend patience.

I posted in another thread as well, but I just confirm having similar problems. Some scores "gets through", others not. Tried all options without success. Delete existing score and uploading again...not working. And so on and so on. Guess this is a web-site problem (?) so those who look after the site must have a check behind the scene and see whats causing the problems. As end-users we can do little, but complain :(
That aside, I think the Musescore software people do a great job. The web-site solution, however, can be improved a lot.

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Hi again. I use version (the latest). I still get confused: how long should it really take to process. Like an hour or more in some cases, and seconds for the next score, and then not at all for the one after that?
You tried my score and it finished in seconds(?), minutes?, while the one I entered has been pending for a long time "processing...".

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(A small followup on this:) I finally after several hours got a message that the upload (of the score mentioned above) did not work. So I simply started the upload again (from Musescore) where I had the link to the score in the "file properties" entered. And it all worked OK.....in seconds!!

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And yet another follow-up. Have uploaded several scores...and they all run "smoothly"! If something has happened behind the scene, I do not know, but "things work" and that's fine with me! Thanks to those taking interest in trying to solve problems for the users!

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