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• Oct 12, 2019 - 05:35
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The "Measure Properties" control only understands one measure at a time. If one selects multiple measure and selects remove from count, it will in fact only remove one measure from the count. This is reproduceable with just a blank Jazz Combo and 10 measures broken every 4 bars. I had to add 4 measure to the intro of this tune, and not include them in the count. I did it but didn't understand what was happening when I was doing this I also, replicated this in a bland score with 10 measures in it. I work in software, so please feel free to contact me for more testing if you need to. Thanks.

Ted Maciag

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This is by design, you can move through tue selected measures though, using the next/prev arrows. You need to apply each change though before going to another measure

Why? You can select multiple measures and then change their properties in one dialog, just need to progress thru those measures using those arrows in that dialog.

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I guess from that comment, folks in the Musescore world don't work in competitive environments, where work has to actually occur in a timely fashion. That perspective is very parochial and will do nothing to forward the music documentation efforts. I would suggest to the entire team that they use the comments as a guide to determine the future path. How development thinks things should work really is not a consideration in determining what the user base needs. All one has to do is listen and then obtain the objectives. The product will get better and more widely accepted by using a customer focus. Music software is more competitive now than ever before and MusicXML works from software to software fairly well, so moving from one platform to another is not that much of a burden. The attitude of "I know what right for you", just doesn't fly any more. Today EVERYTHING is about the UX (User Experience) I would suggest adopting it. Best of luck to you...

You are a single user, not the entire MuseScore user base. That is the purpose of the Frequency field, the number of users who have the same problem or suggestion. Your opinion has been expressed and it will remain here until this site no longer exists, even if it leads to the change you want.

Most of the programmers are volunteers who fix or implement features they see as needed and within their capabilities. No one has said this will never happen, but it's too simple to do currently in the program so I wouldn't be in a hurry to implement it.

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It is not a bug, but by design, so there's no bug to fix.

Getting this changed would be a feature request, AKA S5 - Suggestion

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I really appreciate volunteerism as I work in government and understand what the resource can accomplish. I too work in software and have a large base of users. Today's work flows are everything and cutting strokes down to get to the end zone is a big deal. My original comment was about selecting a group of measure and just not counting them. I get no message of any sort that I can't do that, or that my check mark in the box won't apply to all the measures selected, or that I have to do this function one measure at a time. To me, that's a bug. It would appear that we are trying to spin it into something of a feature. I'm sorry, it's not. It just seems the selection process is ignoring there are multiple measures selected. I don't see this as a big fix. Even though I'm one voice, I'll bet lunch I'm not the only person scratching their head on this one. You'll do what you want, but when folks select multiple measure and then are shown a selection of things that they "think" they can do, only to have it silently fail, Isn't good. So.....I'm done..... you'll do what you need to do and best of luck in doing it. I'll keep using Musescore....flaws and all. --Ted

Type Graphical (UI) Functional
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There is a workaround and it is not graphical...

A bug is something that doesn't work as intended by the programmer. So this here is not a bug.

Also having to exclude more than one consecutive mearure from measure count is a (very minor) corner case, isn't it?

What can be seen as a bug though is that you need to press apply before moving to the next measure rathen than just do the changes and then apply all changes in one go