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• Oct 18, 2019 - 14:15

I'm in my seventies. I started learning piano some 5 years ago, I'm still slow in reading staff. Are there any exercises to help speed me up? Thank you.


The only way to learn to read music faster is to practice. Do etudes that are within your capabilities and try new ones as well. Once you get down etudes within your capabilities, try some a little harder. I think there is some sort of difficulty guide that tells you how difficult etudes and other music is. Find out which level you are at and practice sight reading etudes and songs at that level. Try some a bit harder until you get used to that difficulty and so on.

I don't play the piano, but that's the same principle we used when I was learning the saxophone.

I don't know if it fits your question and about your skills. But there's also the play panel to slow down or increase the tempo to study the score, see:

Above for me it helps to get an overview of an score at the beginning to start with it: which elements contains it; time signature, key signature, if there are grace notes, tuplets or other elements, if your familiar with it, which chords it contains...). Sometimes it's easier for me to start with the last measure of a score and increase the number of measures before bit by bit to study it. But depends individually on my purpose of my goal.

Away from the instrument, spend little sessions now and again transcribing into Musescore with digital scores open (or scan them if paper versions are had). Not only will this improve knowledge regarding the software, but ability to read will improve in due course, and this will translate into reading at the instrument. Additional benefits are that the transcribed music will become more familiar, and understanding the notation system in general will increase. And of course, in encountering notation that doesn't make sense, the web + these forums are available for questions.

Enjoy the journey

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