UI for setting mode with key signature doesn't function properly

• Oct 20, 2019 - 20:53
Reported version
S3 - Major

System info

OS: macOS 10.14, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): (3.3 RC), revision: d3bff12

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new score with a non-null key signature (that is, not C major or neutral key).
  2. Select the initial key signature in the editing window.
  3. In the Inspector, choose a mode other than "unknown".

Expected result

The selected mode should be applied to the key signature.

Actual result

The mode remains "unknown". There appears to be no way to apply a mode to the initial key signature without hand-editing the MSCX data. Applying a mode to a key signature later in the piece appears to work as expected.

This is somewhat related to #271505: Allow user to set mode along with key signature.


Workaround No Yes

I can confirm this. If you enter an initial key signature besides C, you can select any instrument's key signature (like the Bb clarinet's) and change the mode, which will be applied to all instruments. If the key signature is C Major, you cannot do this. Selecting the Bb clarinets 2 sharps, changing the mode and reselecting the key signature returns the mode to unknown.

I have managed to find a workaround. Set the key signature to something besides C major in the first measure, in the second measure set the Key signature to C major. Select the key signature (including accidentals on a C instrument) and set the mode. Delete the first measure and the mode will remain. The accidentals also disappear, but the word for the mode is blue to indicate only some key signatures have a mode assigned. Since this does not work the way it's supposed to I agree the severity should be major.

I guess the workaround is only for scores with transposing instruments. I don't know if it would store the mode info in the score without it. If there is a transposing instrument, you can select it's key signature but there isn't one in scores like a string quartet or piano solo. This makes the workaround conditional.

Reported version 3.3 3.6

This bug is still present in 3.6.1. I have to hand-edit the MSCX file to get the mode to take.

Reported version 3.6 3.3

Does'nt change where it got first reported
And of course this is still in 3.6.1, that's why this issue is still active

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Still present in 4.0 too, but interestingly it only affects the initial key signature at the start of the score - it works fine for other key signatures added after the beginning. You don't even need to save/reload to see the problem, just deselecting then re-selecting the clef is enough to see it's forgotten the mode setting.
Related issue is that if your initial key signature is C major, there's no way to select it and make it "A minor" that I can determine.

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