How to get miniature with F12 from Musescore 2 on Musescore 3 ?

• Oct 21, 2019 - 14:32


The new timeline given by Musescore 3 with F12 is absolutely awful. Is there a way to revert the behavior to get back the one from Musescore 2 when we simply see a miniature of the sheet ?


The timeline is a great tool, actually, but it serves a different purpose. The navigator, for example, can't show you where your rehearsal marks are, or your time or key signatures changes, or when each instrument enters and exits. So the timeline is the right tool if you want to quickly find that spot right after the key change to Ab where the flute come in. The navigator is more like a fancy scroll bar, really doesn't tell you anything about the structure of your score. Most people use neither, though, just the mouse wheel / touchpad for scrolling.

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