Musescore's basic guitar soundfont is unacceptable!

• Oct 23, 2019 - 06:13

The sound of the guitar selection in Musescore at best sounds closer to an electric harpsichord, than it does a guitar! I'm entering jazz compositions into Musescore, and that tinny electric harpsichord/guitar sound just doesn't cut it. Can somebody please advise me as to what I can do to improve the sound of the guitar in Musescore. I'm trying to achieve a more baritone clean jazz guitar sound with a moderate amount of reverb.
Should I download soundfonts into my Musescore app/program, if so which ones? Any advice would be much appreciated!


Which guitar sounds did you try? The default soundfont has several available - Clean Guitar, Jazz Guitar, etc. See View / Mixer if you haven't already. If none of the available sounds serve your purpose, then sure, there are any number of other soundfonts you can try. it's all subjective, so my best advice is to see the Handbook under Soundfonts and try anything that seems interesting.

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